Yacht Registration

Fantastic benefits of Maltese Yacht Registration

Reduce Liabilities

Registering a vessel in Malta has some fantastic benefits such as the ability to reduce VAT payments when using a Maltese leasing company to own the vessel.

Best Facilities

The Island itself has a proud maritime history and today is home to some of Europe's best maintenance and mooring facilities.

Service Excellence

At Imperium our aim is to make the process of registration as straightforward as it can be whilst also providing links into the marine world should anything else be required. From sourcing crew to insuring the vessel itself, we can provide a full service to make ownership as trouble free as possible.

Relaxing on board

Leasing Guidelines

By far the largest benefit to registering in Malta is making use of the Yacht Leasing Guidelines issued in 2005.

Using the European Union's VAT directive as guidance, a yacht is assumed to spend part of it's time within the EU and part of it outside. larger the Yacht, the more probability there is that it will spend increased amounts of time outside the EU.

This means that the percentage of VAT payable decreases for yachts of a larger size. As an example, a yacht longer than 24 meters that utilises the Maltese leasing scheme would be eligible to pay only 30% of the VAT due on the total lease repayments. In effect the lease of a vessel is understood to be a service in Malta and therefore falling under the scope of Maltese VAT.

Class Length VAT (%)
Motor Boat 7.5m 90%
Motor boat 7.51m - 12m 60%
Sailing boats up - 10m 60%
Motor boats 12.01m - 16m 50%
Sailing boats 10.01m - 20m 50%
Motor boats 16.01m - 24m 40%
Sailing boats 20.01m - 24m 40%
Motor / Sailing boats from 24m 30%

The best shipbuilders & suppliers

At Imperium we have contacts with some of the best shipbuilders and suppliers in Europe so whether you are considering purchasing a brand new yacht or restoring a classic we can point you in the right direction.

Please contact us for further information on this or any aspect of yacht ownership.

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